Prioritizing atomicity over consistency of CRUD

Today, I learnt about balancing and managing yet another engineering trade-off about APIs. To achieve a glory of REST, we would need to take a look at Richardson’s Maturity Model.

Richardson’s Maturity Model

Essentially, to achieve the glory of REST,…

#PHPConfAsia It’s a wrap

PHPConfAsia Thoughts And More

The conference was just over and I’m already missing the fun times I had there. It was three days of fun and excitement; learning tons of things from the speakers – their experience, knowledge and most…

Singapore AWSUG November Meetup

Last week, my friend, Metilda, and I went for a Amazon Web Service User Group (AWSUG) meetup. It was a pretty enjoyable experience and AWS presented on their latest update – Internet of Things SDK. Selfie was taken with…

PHP Tutorial: Deployment

In this tutorial, we’ll be covering on agile code deployment through cloud platform services like Redhat Openshift. Openshift is a new nontraditional hosting service that offers Platform as a Service cloud hosting.

Why nontraditional environment?

Well, the cloud has been…

cPanel Greylisting – a bit too late?

cPanel 11.50 is finally in the RELEASE stage and has released many brand new features, most notably – Greylisting.

What’s Greylisting?

Greylisting is a feature that protect your mail servers in cPanel against SPAM by rejecting emails that are unverified.…