Runner up for Smart Healthcare Mobile Apps Challenge

A bit late to post this and not a very photogenic photograph but that’s not the point. Point is – My partner, Andrea, and I came first runner up for the “Smart Healthcare Mobile Apps Challenge” in March 2015! Our masterpiece that helped us win the prize was our Never Forget app.

The Journey

It was a really tough competition and I’ve worked really hard with my partner to get so far. We had very little time as the competition was during the period of time where all our school assignments were bombarding their way through. We had to juggle with the assignment and the competition. Believe me, it was hell and both of us had thoughts of giving up but we still somehow managed to pull through fine.

Last Minute Preparations

Just one day before the competition presentation, my lecturers helped me by reviewing our slides and presentation and advised us to fix our slides. The night before the presentation, we burned our energy completely and never got to sleep just to fix our presentation slides.

Presentation Day

We arrived an hour earlier so that we can prepare for the presentation. Before the presentation, we tried our best to keep calm. The actual presentation was pretty smooth, Andrea and I handled it pretty well despite the minimal preparations. Though, I would not want to do another sort of this kind of presentation with so little preparation.

So I would like to dedicate this blog post to thanking my partner, Andrea, for enduring this journey with me and my lecturers, Mr Andy Ng and Mr Choo, for taking their precious time to review our presentation and slides. I would also like to thank ITE College East for giving my team such a great opportunity to compete in this challenge. It was a tough journey but our efforts were never gone to waste.

Now, here’s a slightly more photogenic photograph of me (credit: Amos Tan):


Source: ICTians are runners-up at the Smart Healthcare Mobile Apps Challenge

Author: Woo Huiren

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