Paris Friday The 13th Terrorist Attack

It is of a great tragedy to hear about the recent terrorist attack in Paris that has killed more than 120 people. My deepest condolences for those who have lost their loved ones. However, this tragedy is going to get worse.


Remember the France Surveillance bill approved on 5th May 2015? The bill that took away the basic privacy rights of the French people to exchange for “state security”. The bill which promises that it will stop terrorism in France after the Charlie Harbo newspaper terrorist attack? The bill which basically does nothing other than the sole purpose of collecting personal data and wasting tax payers’ money?

I remember and I hope you do too.

Do you now see that these mass surveillance bills do absolutely nothing? If it really helped, why did the terrorist attack still took place? What’s worse is that the French government would probably, again, leverage on this “opportunity” to create more rights-infringing bill and “justify” more ways to waste the tax payers’ money.

On a closing note, please remember that terrorism has no association with any religion. Most terrorists are simply extremists who leverages on the misinterpretation of religions to justify their actions as “right”.

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Author: Woo Huiren

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