No audio device detected after upgrading to F34

In Fedora 34, Fedora team decided to switch from Pulse Audio to Pipewire. Pipewire is still very experimental and has various issues.

After I upgraded to Fedora 34, Pipewire refused to detect my audio. I read through forums on Archlinux, etc and mailing list. Initially, I attempted to rectify this issue. However, after spending an hour on this issue, I realised that it is probably because my audio card or whatever hardware is not compatible with it yet.

To fix this issue, I uninstalled Pipewire and switched back to Pulseaudio. I ran the following command:

sudo dnf install pulseaudio --allowerasing

After installing, reboot your computer and Pulse Audio should start working.

Before Pipewire was approved, there was a lot of scrutiny and comments on how it is not ready for Fedora 34.[email protected]/thread/ZWIX7EQG6EHXVGJBENN6JH3XGYLX3FTW/

After this experience, I am bias and sided towards the group of people who feel it is unstable. Hopefully, it would be ready to use in Fedora 35 or Fedora 36.

Author: Woo Huiren

Currently a student at National University of Singapore. I contribute to opensource projects - primarily PHP and Angular related. I write about PCF and PWS related stuff too.

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