Highly Dysfunctional Teams

Most of us are unfortunate people who work for/with/on companies, teams and projects that are highly dysfunctional. And by that I meant that working with a bunch of liars who pretends to work, pretends to pay and pretends that they’re saving the world with their shitty non-functional solutions that probably costs a few millions in the name of business/enterprise.

You may or may not even know that you’re part of it even, because they probably brainwash or lie to you so much that it becomes the truth in your head.

And I gotta admit, I’ve dealt with these situations before. There are common tactics used by people:

  • False promises (cheap and easy)
  • Using small initial returns to hook you in (just like druglords giving you some free drugs at first)
  • Pretending to be solving a problem that you care about

The late Pieter Hintjens also mentioned about this in his book named “Psychopath Code”. He talked about these people and call them “psychopaths”. He also mentioned that its only 1/20 of the population who are like that, with some places having more. It might have been like that whilst he was still alive but now, I think it is more of 1/8 now.

There’s more to just my 2cents

That’s not what I want to focus on anyway. There’s something more interesting than my opinion, rather – someone. I recently met Thomas Levine at my local Hackerspace.

“Who is he and why should I care?”

He’s someone who hates work norms and work exploitation of people.

“Yeah, yeah. My boss abuses me at work too, but I need money.”

He doesn’t work, or avoids working.

“What the fuck? How does he survive?”

He spends less and bring down his costs. He has written articles on what he does and his habits that don’t cost money. His favourite past time is sleeping. Costs cheaper ($0), as compared to partying, drinking, smoking, etc.

“Sounds like he lives a miserable life. He probably doesn’t have a car like me”

Probably doesn’t have a car but I would challenge your former opinion. And he’s probably more sane and have a better emotional health than you do. How many times have you been dishonest at work? How many times have you felt shitty about your work? How many times have your job contributed to part of a major (relatively) evil plan?

At the end of the day, it is all about what you want. Your life or tons of cash. And when you reflect back at your life, you would realise that you’ve been doing shit work and evil shit. And then you’ll ponder if it was ever worth it. Hopefully, you’ll have no regrets but you are very, super likely to have tons of regrets.

He challenges the norms and is an honest person. For that, he has a huge amount of respect from me. Here’s some career advice he has, which I found very useful and practical, especially for teens transitioning into “adulthood”: https://thomaslevine.com/!/career/

Author: Woo Huiren

Currently a student at National University of Singapore. I contribute to opensource projects - primarily PHP and Angular related. I write about PCF and PWS related stuff too.

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