Hello, my name is Woo Huiren.
Proprietary software's worst nightmare.

My Computer Thoughts

Notable Things

A*Star Scholar

A*Star Polytechnic Scholar

I was recognised by A*Star Research institute for my passion in research and technology.

Fedora Ambassador

Fedora Ambassador

I am one of the ambassadors for Fedora who help initiate and plan FOSS events.

Open Organization Ambassador

Open Organization Ambassador

I help evangelise Open Management principles for organizations to do more and perform better.

Open Evangelist

Open Evangelist

I believe that knowledge should be free and open. I share it by giving talks at conferences and meet-ups.

PHP Developer

Fullstack Developer

Frontend and backend? No problem. I've got several years of experience in developing frontend and backend.

Pebble Watch

2nd for Pebble Hackathon

I was the 1st runner up for a hackathon held by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I've also participated in various hackathons.


NP-VPN Web Design

NP VPN Project

This project was setup to allow students in Ngee Ann Polytechnic to gain full network freedom, allowing them to be able to play multi-player games in school.

ip6.im Web Design


I was tasked to design a front-end for their company's users to be able to explore and conveniently sign up for their services.

The2Monkeys Web Design


I was tasked to design a front-end for their company to gain an online presence.

I live in the safe city of Singapore

Great place that is full of great people.

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